The company SIA “KANINS” offers various types of technical aids for people with movement disorders. The range of offered goods is very wide, which is why occupational therapist of the company SIA “KANINS”, as well as professional specialist, will help our customers find the most suitable products for the specific needs and lifestyle.

In the manufacturers’ product catalogues one can get acquainted with the range of products offered and find the most pleasant and suitable technical aid. The company SIA “KANINS” offers products from such manufacturers as Panthera, ETAC, Vassilli, Ottobock, BATEC, Trulife and others.

In order to apply for a consultation, find out the availability of goods, order a technical aid or their spare parts, contact the company SIA “KANINS” by phone or e-mail.

Information available from

If the technical aid offered by the Vaivari Technical Assistance Centre (VTPC) does not meet your specific needs, you can purchase it through the compensation mechanism in the countries of the European Union, member states of the European Economic Area or the Swiss Confederation.

In order to receive technical aid equipment with a compensation mechanism, the customer must be registered in the queue for the receipt of a technical aid equipment, and additionally submit:

  • application with a request to receive technical aid equipment with the compensation mechanism.

The client can simultaneously submit documents for the receipt of technical aid equipment (application and opinion of the attending physician) and an application for the receipt of technical aid equipment with the compensation mechanism.

VTPC shall review the documents submitted and dispatch the customer the decision taken. In the event of a positive decision, the possible amount to be reimbursed and the additional documents to be submitted for reimbursement will be indicated.

When the customer receives a positive decision, he/she will be able to go the point of sales, and select the suitable technical aid. Technical aid with a compensation mechanism may be purchased only after the decision of the Functional Evaluation Commission to allow the technical aid to be received with compensation mechanism. After purchasing the technical aid, the customer must submit the documents specified in the decision.

Please be informed that VTPC may request the customer to present the technical aid purchased. 

How to acquire a technical aid with a compensation mechanism, if a person buys it at their own expense in European countries.

1st STEP

The person submits the documents to the VTPC in order to register in the queue for the respective technical aid.

Documents to be submitted:

Application for receiving a technical aid;
Opinion of the attending physician for receipt of a technical aid;
Application with a request to receive the technical aid with compensation mechanism.  

2nd STEP

VTPC examines the submitted documents.

If the documents have been prepared in accordance with the requirements of regulatory enactments, in understandable and qualitative manner – the VTPC makes a decision on registration of the person in the queue and on the possible amount of compensation;
If the information provided in the documents is insufficient for taking the decision, VTPC requests additional documents or invites the person to the Functioning Evaluation Commission. 

3rd STEP

VTPC sends the decision to the person, where in case of a positive decision it indicates the possible amount to be reimbursed, and the additional documents to be submitted in order to receive compensation.

4th STEP

After receiving the technical aid, the person submits the required documents to the VTPC.

5th STEP

VTPC invites the person to take the newly purchased technical aid to the Functional Evaluation Commission;
VTPC evaluates the submitted documents and the respective technical aid;
VTPC decides on the amount of compensation and its granting.

6th STEP

VTPC sends the person the decision taken.

7th STEP

The person makes the single (one-time) contribution to the account or cash desk of the state LLC, National rehabilitation centre “Vaivari”;
VTPC transfers the amount to be compensated.

One-time payment upon receipt of technical aids from the state budget

  • For persons up to 18 years of age – 1.42 €
  • For persons overs 18 years of age – 7.11 €