Ergoterapeitu pakalpojumi. Ergotherapy services.

Ergotherapy services

SIA KANINS offers consultations of ergotherapists about a variety of innovative and modern technical caretaking tools for both children and adults. It is also possible to prepare a written declaration to improve the home or work environment.

Tehnisko palīglīdzekļu remonts. Rapair services for technical caretaking tools.

Rapair services for technical caretaking tools

SIA KANINS provides repair services for various caretaking tools and their parts (like tires, inner tubes, bearings and other parts). Contact SIA KANINS beforehand to find out whether the required brand is available for fixing.

Pretizgulējumu diagnostika. Anti - bedsore product diagnostics

Anti – bedsore product diagnostics

SIA KANINS offers to make anti-bedsore product diagnostics with a machine that uses digital pressure testing. Currently the only machine of this kind in Latvia, it provides an accurate examination of the existing anti-bedsore product. Additionally, it is possible to test other high-quality anti-bedsore and positioning products.