Vicair Adjuster

  • Smoothes asymmetries of the body
  • Made from SmatrCells filling
  • Washable in a washing machine

The wheelchair anti-bedsore pillow Vicair Adjuster O2 is especially suitable for use with asymmetrical body contours and amputations.

It automatically adapts to body shapes and is individually adjustable to position the body with a particularly pronounced asymmetry.

The design provides full adaptation to distribute pressure equally and prevent slipping forward. 100% washable in a washing machine, is breathable, for optimal hygiene and perfect regulation of temperature and humidity.

Adjuster O2, filled with tetrahedral-shaped Vicair SmartCells cells, performs optimal protection against skin damage, helps to eliminate pressure sores. It is also a high-quality supplement to the pressure ulcer treatment plan (stages I-IV).

Vicair Adjuster is ordered individually by dimensions.

You can find more information on the website Vicair Adjuster


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