Verticalizing aids

Vassilli 18.64 HI LO

  • Verticalization at different heights
  • For teenagers and adults
  • Different variants of management

Vassilli 18.64 is a wheelchair of verticalization for adults and adolescents, which is a stable and reliable assistant in improving independence and permanence.

There are 2 types that differ in the ways in which they are operated:

  • with the help of an electronic remote control (can be operated by the user himself)
  • with the help of a hydraulic switch (operated by an assistant)

When starting verticallization, it is possible to stop at any height, for example, in the case of strong spasticity. After that, you can safely continue the verticalization or descend back into a sitting position.

The chair is equipped with a fixation belt in the chest and with fixation supports for the knees.

The wheelchair for verticalization is ordered according to indvidual dimensions.

Seat width: 36-58 cm

Seat depth: 36 -52 cm

Max user weight: 100 -120 -160 kg (depending on model)

You can see more information in the attached brochures or on the webpage Vassilli 18.64 HI LO


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