Thomashilfen Swifty

  • Compactly foldable
  • In 2 sizes
  • Wide range of options for assembly

Durable, comfortable companion-operated stroller with a rigid seat for children, available in 2 sizes.

Swifty is designed to be comfortable for both- the companion and the child. The back position lying down with the whole chair and the seat back adjustable comfortably without removing the child from the stroller. Compact folding trolleys that will allow them to be easily transported or stored. A lifting footrest will be handy for a more comfortable entry and exit. The front wheels rotate for easier manoeuvring, but they can also be fixed.

Swifty are sustainable, they can be adapted to the growth of the child.

Swifty are ordered individually, choosing the size and desired configurations, e.g. side and hip supports, fixation vests, 5-point fixation belts, headrest, etc.

Size 1: child height approximately up to 115 cm, weight up to 35 kg, seat width 23-34 cm, seat depth 17-28.5 cm, back height 62 cm

Size 2: child height approximately up to 150 cm, weight up to 50 kg, seat width 29.5-39.5 cm, seat depth 24.5-40 cm, back height 70 cm

You can find more information about Swifty in the attached brochure or on the website Thomashilfen Swifty


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