Car seats

Thomashilfen Octopus

  • 30 - 80 kg
  • 7-point safety fixation system for children

The Octopus fixation system will come in handy when the car seat no longer fits, but the usual car safety belt does not provide sufficient body positioning and fixation. Octopus consists of 2 parts. One part is the rear- is fixed to the car seat and is static. The second part is put on the user from the front – is quickly put on and removed with a clip system.

The octopus fixation system is not classified as a seat belt, but as a positioning medical device. To comply with safety regulations, the car seat safety belt must ALWAYS be worn over the Octopus fixation system. This combination provides the user with additional security.

In addition to safety, all seven belt buckles are lockable. In the event of an emergency, the locked belts can be quickly cut with the included belt cutter.

More information can be found in the attached brochure or on the website Thomashilfen Octopus


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