ROHO Hybrid Select

  • Rigid foam part on the front
  • Air cells on the back
  • Good pelvic positioning

Hybrid Select is an anti-bedsore pillow formed partly from a foam base and partly from air cells. Hybrid Select provides both excellent positioning and stability, as well as excellent anti-bedsore prevention.

A contoured, high-elasticity foam base with deep leg recesses provides support, lateral stability and facilitates the position of the tailbone.

Using the exclusive ISOFLO memory control, you can easily find the most comfortable position that adapts to the body. The posterior part is formed by air-filled cells, divided into two segments. The middle segment can be removed as needed, e.g. for free air access in the tailbone area.

Hybrid Select is ordered according to individual sizes.

You can find more information on the Roho Hybrid Select website


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