Verticalizing aids

R82 Rabbit Up

  • Vericalizer for children
  • Long-term adaptability to the child's height
  • Can be used with and without large wheels.

Rabbit Up has a stable verticization frame for children, which can be adjusted in a huge number of ways. In addition, it is possible to adjust it for a long time as the child grows up.

Rabbit Up can be used with large wheels, ensuring the child’s independence and permanence in movement, e.g. to move around the environment on their own. It is possible to remove the large wheels and use the frame with the small wheels, providing closer access to places, such as the bathroom sink, promoting independence in the child’s daily activities. It can be lowered at an inclination of up to 45° forward as needed.

Rabbit Up is ordered by individual measures. It is available in 4 sizes, suitable for child 87 cm- 180 cm with a maximum child weight of up to 70 kg. In addition, Rabbit up has a lot of optional configurations available: different chest supports, different hip supports, knee and feet supports, etc.

You can find more information in the attached brochure or on the R82 Rabbit Up website.


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