Bathroom aids

R82 Manatee

  • Compact, convenient to store
  • Can be used both in the shower and in the bath
  • For a child up to 75 kg

Manatee is a bath/shower chair for children that is simple to use and very compact for storage.

Manatee is designed in such a way that it is possible to adapt it as the child grows up. The depth of the seat is adjustable, the back support can be pushed back and the leg part can be changed in height. Manatee can be used in the shower or put in the bath.

Manatee is ordered according to individual sizes and selected configuration. Available in a wide range of fixation belts, various frames for safely raising the chair, headrest, abductor, etc

Manatee has 4 sizes.

Max weight of a child up to 75 kg

Accessed in red or blue.

You can find more information in the attached brochure or on the R82 Manatee website


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