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R82 Cougar

  • Indoor and outdoor wheelchair for children and young people
  • Recumbent with the entire part of the chair
  • Lots of adjustable features

The Cougar is a wheelchair for children and young people, for whom proper posture and comfortable seating are important.
It is a practical wheelchair suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It has 4 sizes, and a lot of adjustable functions that will help adapt to the growth of the child.

This wheelchair has a variable backrest angle and the angle of the entire seat surface.

Cougar is ordered according to individual measures and selected configurations, e.g. headrest, footrest, side supports, fixation vests, etc.

Seat width 35-50 cm (depending on size)

Back height 45-60 cm (depending on size)

Max user weight is 75 -120 kg (depending on size)

You can find more information about the Cougar on the R82 Cougar website


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