Verticalizing aids

R82 Caribou

  • Double-sided
  • For children in height 85-184 cm
  • From the supine position up to 90°

Caribou is a great helper not only in the verticization of the child, but also in the training of the child’s activities and the involvement of daily activities.

Caribou is a versatile children’s verticalization aid that can be used on both sides- with a support surface against the back and with a support surface against the abdomen. It is possible to lower the Caribou into the supine position, thus starting the verticalization calmly and slowly, stopping as needed. It can be powered by an electric remote control or a hydraulics switch (not recommended for sizes 3 and 4)

Caribou is ordered individually by size and selected configuration, e.g. headrest, chest and pelvic supports, as well as various fixation belts and many others. It is available in four sizes and is suitable for children from 85 cm to 184 cm in length, with a maximum user weight of 100 kg.

You can find more information in the attached brochure or on the R82 Caribou website.


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