Bimanual wheelchairs

Progeo Easy Tilt

  • Seat reclining, adjustable in brace
  • Compactly foldable, easy to use
  • Durable material, wide adjustment options

Easy Tilt is designed with a special focus on comfortable sitting, posture holding, as well as use.

Not only is the back of the chair changeable, but it is also possible to roll back the chair itself by changing its angle by up to 45°.

Easy Tilt is ordered according to individual sizes and selected configurations, e.g. headrest, height and shape of backrest, side supports, fixing belts, knee bending angle, etc.

Seat width 33-48 cm

Seat depth 35-50 cm

A variety of colors are available.

You can find more information about the Easy Tilt and Tekna Tilt models in the attached brochures or on the Progeo website Easy Tilt.


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