Electric wheelchairs

Permobile F3 Corpus

  • Variable height
  • Reclining seat and backrest
  • Various control panels

The F3 Corpus is a front-drive electric wheelchair that is small, compact and at the same time powerful.

This makes it easy to maneuver indoors and outdoors. The weight distribution of the battery and the low center of gravity improve stability when driving on an incline. The seat is especially comfortable for sitting and adjusts in different positions, from backrest, seating to footrests.

F3 Corpus is ordered individually according to measures and selected configuration, e.g. max verticalization angle, headrest, etc.

Max user weight 149 kg

A wide range of colors and drawings is available.

The distance traveled with a full battery of 25-32 km, depending on the battery capacity.

The weight of the wheelchair F3 Corpus with batteries 175 kg

You can find more information in the attached brochure or on the Permobile F3 Corpus website


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