Electric handbikes

Permobil SmartDrive MX2+

  • Different driving options
  • Small, light - 6kg
  • Max speed 8.8 km/h

The SmartDrive is a lightweight wheelchair power-assist that helps users ride up mountains and ramps, as well as overcome long distances without the need to push. The Smart Drive is positioned in the back of the wheelchair and can be controlled in various ways- a smart watch, a round circular switch, a button-like switch.

Connected to PushTracker of your choice and SwitchControl, SmartDrive offers additional flexibility, convenience, and control options to promote your active lifestyle. Installation location, ergonomic handle, weight and OmniWheel were designed to create a seamless accessory experience. SmartDrive gives you the freedom to do more.

Some technical parameters:

  • speed up to 8,8 km/h
  • battery 250 W (can travel by plane)
  • range 19,8 km
  • User weight 14-150 kg

You can find more information in the attached brochure or on the Permobile Smart Drive website.


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