Bimanual wheelchairs

Panthera U3

  • Non-folding frame
  • Narrowed part of the legs of the frame
  • Low weight

U3 is a wheelchair for active people. It is lightweight and is convenient to move and maneuver with it. A non-folding frame and a common footrest provide additional stability.

The seat angle, adjustable backrest and seat padding ensure good sitting comfort. The U3 has a tapered front and a steeper footrest angle than the S3, which improves maneuverability.

Different configurations are available, e.g. armrests, footrests, etc.

Panthera U3 is selected individually according to your dimensions and chosen configuration.

Seat width 33-45 cm

Back height 20-45 cm

More information about the Panthera U3 wheelchair can be found in the attached brochure or on the website Panthera U3


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