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Panthera Bambino 3

  • Easy to manage for children from 4 to 12 years old
  • Easy to assemble for transportation
  • Easy-to-remove push handle

Bambino 3 is designed with both the ergonomics of the child’s sitting in mind, as well as ease of use, ease of handling and transportation. This wheelchair is designed for children who need a sturdy chair for an active life, for greater independence.

The wheelchair will fit a child between the ages of about 4 and 12. It is possible to extend the supporting part of the back.

Panthera Bambino 3 is ordered according to individual measures and selected sets, e.g. headrest, push handle, arm/side supports, etc.

Seat width 24-33 cm

Back length 20-35 cm

Available in models Bambino 3 and Bambino 3 Short (with a more shortened seating surface).

Colored cane guards are available.

More information about Bambino 3 can be found on the website Panthera Bambino 3


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