Electric scooters

Movinglife ATTO Mobility

  • Folding into 2 separate parts
  • Speed 6,4 km/h
  • Can be carried on an aircraft

A scooter that gives freedom of travel. Split into 2 separate parts the size of a suitcase in a few seconds, or folding into 1 part with a handle and wheels for easier movement.

The seat can be adjusted at 3 different heights, the steering wheel can be folded closer as needed.

The battery is 48 volts, lithium-ion (can be carried in an airplane), it weighs 1.85 kg, which can travel about 20 km.

Dimensions in driving mode: length 120 cm, width 56 cm

Dimensions in the assembled state in one part: height 71 cm, length 38.9 cm, width 41.9 cm

ATTO weight without battery 29 kg

Speed 6,4 km/h

User max weight 120 kg

More information can be found on the Movinglife Atto website


2B Šmerļa Str., Riga
Latvia, LV-1006

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