Eurovema Pixi

  • Easy to fold
  • Compact, easy to transport
  • Available in 2 sizes

Pixi is a lightweight, compact companion-controlled wheelchair for children, available in 2 sizes and different configurations.

Pixi is designed with the comfort of the child in mind and ease of use for the companion. It folds easily and compactly, has an adjustable height of the push handle, and a changeable backrest angle. The places of fixation of the shoulders can be adjusted to the growth of the child.

Pixi is ordered individually according to the selected size and configurations, e.g. fixation belts, vests, abductor, canopy, thermal bag, etc.

Size 1: Approximate age of the child 3-7 years, max child weight 35 kg, seat width 27 cm, seat depth 25 or 30 cm, back height 54 or 60 cm

Size 2: Approximate age of the child 6-14 years, max child weight 50 kg, seat width 33 cm, seat depth 35 or 40 cm, back height 64 or 70 cm

You can find more information in the attached brochure or on the Eurovema Pixi website


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