Public defibrillators

BEXEN Reanibex 100

  • Semi-automatic or fully automatic
  • Application for self-control of the device
  • Manufacturer: Spain

Portable public defibrillator.

  • Clear instructions are given , which are easy to perform and the volume is adjusted to the background noises.
  • Built-in LED indicators to determine the readiness of the defifrillator for use. If the lights do not shine, a problem has been identified and should not be used.
  • The maintainer has access to an application for self-testing the device to ensure the continuous readiness of the device and accessories.
  • CPR support- metronome and speed feedback in real time for effective chest compression.

Semi-automatic or fully automatic version available. In the semi-automatic version, the rescuer must press the shock button to delivere an electric discharge. In the fully automatic version, the shock is delivered automatically when necessary.

Available wall storage box and first aid kit (gloves,scissors, mask, razor, gauze).

Bexen Reanibex 100 is ordered on request.

You can find more information in the attached brochure or on the website Bexen Reanibex 100


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