Public defibrillators

AMI Smarty Saver

  • Semi-automatic and fully automatic
  • Available in 3 versions
  • Manufacturer: Italy

A lightweight and portable public defibrillator to help with emergency care while the medical team arrives. Thanks to simple and understandable indications, anyone will be able to use it. All defibrillators can be used by both adults and children by applying universal electrodes. In all types of Smarty Saver, a semi-automatic (the user tilts the button for electric discharge according to the instructions) or a fully automatic version (the AED itself performs an electric discharge) is available.

Available in 3 types:

  • Smarty Saver – base model, the simplest.
  • Smarty Saver Plus – equipped with a device and a display that indicates the accuracy and effectiveness of the heart massage performed manually.
  • Smarty Saver GEO- in addition to the equipment and display for performing an accurate heart massage, equipped with a SIM card that records the coordinates of GPS/GPRS, as well as equipped with an emergency call button.

Stands and boxes for storing defibrillators are available as well as a first-aid kit (gloves, scissors, razor, mask).

Smatry Saver is ordered on request.

You can find more information and technical data in the attached brochure or on the AMI website Smarty Saver


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