Occupational therapy services

We offer consultations of occupational therapists! Whether you are an inquisitive child or an experienced adult, we can help you adapt the diverse and modern range of technical aids that are designed to transform life and make everyday life easy.

We believe that your home and workplace should be your most comfortable place. Occupational therapists can help you create a personalized environment by offering thoughtful counseling and producing written reports on improving your living or work environment.

Repair of technical aids

We carry out maintenance and repair of technical aids! The focus of our workshop is a collection of innovations and knowledge, in which complex repairs acquire a charming quality. We believe that each machine has its own story, and our mission is to ensure that your equipment continues to serve with renewed vigor and strength for as long as possible.

Repair of various technical aids is possible - replacement of tires, chambers, bearings and other parts. Before repairing, we recommend that you contact us so that you can find out which brand of technical aids will be able to be repaired and what might be the best option.

Diagnosis of anti-decubitus

We can perform anti-decubitus diagnostics! Let's introduce our exclusive pillow diagnostics using advanced digital measurement technology.

It is possible to determine whether your current anti-decubitus cushion is performing its functions, as well as to select and test our selection of the highest quality anti-decubitus and positioning pillows for maximum comfort and support.


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